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description" content="Don't waste your money on deodorant. Eliminate foot odor and underarm odor forever. Throw away deoderants, antiperspirants, foot sprays, foot inserts. Product costing $1 available at any store. Written in an amusing and educational style.
Deodorant is not necessary. Eliminate Underarm Odor Forever. No More Deodorant.
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Eliminate Underarm odor - GUARANTEED!


In this website:


    Understand the cause of  underarm and foot odor (p 2).

    Understand how to rid yourself of these odors -

             Attack the source (p 3).

    Finally, find out how to eliminate these odors FOREVER

eliminate foot and body odor
  • By spending less than 1 minute/day for 1-2 weeks 

  • With a fast drying, odor-free, topical (applied to skin) liquid (no messy creams)
  • With a product which costs less than $1 and is available at any grocery store

  • With a product scientifically proven to be effective- Not a scientifically questionable or unproven herbal or other home remedy.


We all know how embarrassing underarm and foot odors can be.  Children dread taking off their shoes before changing for gym class.  Underarm odor and foot odor (or the fear of having underarm or foot odor) can ruin your self confidence and affect the way basic way in which you interact with others- with negative consequences in your entire life.  It may be more difficult to make friends or meet a future spouse.  People with underarm and foot odor carry a stigma of being unclean, but we know that being clean only will control odor temporarily. We simply can't get a shower every 2-3 hours!  Imagine how it would feel to not worry about underarm or foot odor anymore- not at the beginning of the day, not at the end of the day, NOT EVER. You should be able to flail your arms around or take off your shoes for airport security without having to worry if you are going to let odor escape.  For me, it was quite a liberating experience.  I did not even realize all the ways that these odors affected my life- all the little things that I did, the situations I avoided, all to prevent from being embarrassed by my odor.  You don't have to suffer or be self-conscious. 


Stop spending your hard-earned money on costly underarm deodorants, antiperspirants, shoe sprays, powders and inserts that don't work, or work only marginally. To rid yourself of these odors, first learn what causes them- and then learn how to attack the ROOT cause of the odor.  Then you will be odor-free for life- GUARANTEED. No one else can guarantee that you will no longer have odor problems- certainly not deodorant or antiperspirant companies. They WANT you to have odor so they can keep selling you their products month after month.     


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