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I would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves.  I am a biologist who used to have a very real, very embarrassing problem- foot and underarm odor.  I seem to sweat more than anyone else I know which, as we all know, exacerbates odor problems.  My wife is a chemical engineer (whose only foot and underarm odor problem was my own).  We teamed up, to study and develop a scientifically based treatment for foot and underarm odor.  

We knew that masking the odor was not the solution to my problem.  I once was asked what cologne I was wearing.  The cologne was my thick deodorant! - How embarrassing.  We set out to first understand the odor and find out what the exact cause of the odor was.  We next set out to determine how to eliminate the odor at its source so that it would not come back later on in the day.  

We experimented with many different ways to eliminate the odor from shoes, including conventional ways such as shoe sprays, inserts and powders to unconventional ways such as using the washing machine filled with various detergents and chemicals and even wetting, then microwaving the shoes to destroy the bacteria.  I must say that I was quite proud of this last idea.  The theory was that microwaving a wetted pair of sneakers would create steam (or at least very, very hot water) which would sterilize the sneakers and thus eliminate the odor causing bacteria.  I am unhappy to report that this method not only did not get rid of the odor but made my kitchen smell very bad and also made the glued surfaces of the sneakers peel apart!  We did eventually come up with the solution, which turned out to be the least expensive and easiest of the methods we tried.

I have been odor free for years now.  I will never forget the embarrassment I suffered and resulting lack of self-confidence.  Rid yourself of the shame and embarrassment of foot and underarm odor. What else could you do that is so easy which will have a positive lifelong impact.

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"Thank you so much for a simple solution to my foot odor problem. I thought I would have to register my feet as biological weapons! I couldn't even stand driving by myself in the car because the smell from my own feet was so overwhelming. Every pair of shoes I bought would be ruined the first week, despite costly foot powders and sprays. And what were other people at the office thinking? With your CHEAP and EFFECTIVE solution, not only have my feet become polite-smelling, but I have been able to recover shoes that I thought were permanently ruined. Also using it on my underarms, totally effective!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"
E.L., California  
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