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Foot odor and Underarm odor: The Cause

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Did you know that sweat is basically odorless?

The key to understanding odor...


To "cure" body odor, foot odor or shoe odor, it is necessary to understand where these odors come from and then eliminate the SOURCE of these odors.  odor is a byproduct of the metabolic process of bacteria (mainly corynebacteria and micrococci) which break down organic substances found on your skin, in your sweat or on your clothing. These foot and underarm odor causing bacteria flourish in moist warm areas.  This (and a food source) is why the most prevalent body odors are found in the arm pits and feet.  These are perfect warm, moist breading grounds for bacteria- any bacteria. Moisture can collect in these areas and can not readily evaporate


It is important to realize that bacteria cover every surface of your skin and are inside your pores and sweat glands.  Bacteria are in the air and on everything you touch.  Bacteria are not necessarily bad.  There is a natural balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria on your skin, in your airways and even in your intestines.  Due to the natural balance of these bacteria, the "bad" bacteria are not present in sufficient numbers to cause disease (e.g. pneumonia, certain ulcers, etc) or in this case, persistent excessive odor.  "Bad" bacteria for our discussion includes corynebacteria and micrococci, the bacteria that causes unpleasant body odors and the odors emanating from your shoes.  Both of these bacteria are present on the surfaces of everyone's body at all times. The difference is that they are in a much higher concentration on someone who has odor problems. 

Luckily, this is NOT a permanent problem. In fact, your body will naturally be odor-free just as it naturally is disease-free. Sometimes, in people suffering from odor problems, a little push is all that is necessary. The regimen I developed provides a large push. The regimen restores the "natural" balance of bacteria by destroying the excess unwanted, odor causing bacteria on the skin thereby allowing the "good" bacteria to re-establish themselves as the predominant bacteria- this is the natural balance. The natural bacterial balance is an odor-free balance!  

Consumer product companies sell antiperspirants and deodorants which help reduce moisture or mask the odor with a perfume or fragrance.  Most of us know these products don't control the odor for very long, if at all.  I've suffered the embarrassment of someone asking me what cologne I was wearing, when the "fragrance" was that of my heavy underarm deodorant.  I am here to tell you that all this stuff is not necessary and is a waste of your valuable money. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no reason for consumer product companies to sell a product to actually "cure" your odor. They make money by selling you their products month after month.

You can eliminate these odors using supplies which you can purchase at the grocery store, corner store, or local drug store chain for less than $1!    



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