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Underarm odor and Foot odor: How to Eliminate   

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As a biologist, I spent two years scientifically understanding the TRUE cause of these odors and developing a method to eliminate these embarrassing odors.  Do you ever wonder why some people have odor problems while others seem to smell fresh all day (it's not the deodorant they use or that they are necessarily cleaner than you).  I wondered, especially since I am among the many people who used to suffer the embarrassment of foot, underarm and shoe odor and nothing seemed to help.


 I have been odor free for the past six years and have helped many family members and friends to become odor free.  I now want to share this since the solution is simple, safe, easy, and effective!! Don't wait any longer to see the impact becoming odor-free will have on your life!

The true solution to the problem is this: instead of masking the odor created by bacteria, instead of trying to inhibit the growth of bacteria by reducing the amount of sweat produced, or trying to treat the bacterial byproducts which cause odor, ELIMINATE the bacteria which cause the odor and ELIMINATE the odor.  Let me say that again, because it is imperative that you understand this important (also incredibly simply, even obvious) fact: ELIMINATE the bacteria which cause odor and you ELIMINATE the odor.  It's that simple.  So, if it is that simple, then why doesn't everyone know this?  The answer is that no company has any interest in destroying their profits because the solution costs less than $2, already exists, and is in plentiful supply!  Products sold to treat odor bring in Billions for the major companies who sell them.  Would you let the public know that they don't really need your product?  It would be corporate suicide.

The product I recommend is an non-greasy, non-oily topical liquid (i.e., a liquid sprayed or rubbed on to the skin) which you buy yourself at a local store for around $2.. The product has no odor itself once it is applied and dries. You absolutely can not tell that you have applied the product once it dries!  The trick is to use the product in an very specific way (frequency and application method). It will take less than 1 minute a day to correctly apply. I think everyone can spare an extra 1 minute a day for one short week to eliminate the emotional pain and frustration which odor causes.



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